New Patient Experience

San Francisco Dr. Rodriguez

We want your first experience in our office to comfortable and stress free! This begins with knowing what to expect.

After checking in and meeting our staff, our New Patient Experience begins with a series of full-mouth, high quality digital pictures. This gives us a detailed visualization of the health of your mouth and gives us a baseline so we can document progress and monitor for future changes inside your mouth.

Next, we do full-mouth Diagnostic Imaging, which includes the use of traditional X-rays and Near-IR Imaging. Near IR imaging uses near-infrared light to create high-resolution 3-d images of your teeth. It is painless and does not expose patients to radiation.

After the pictures and X-rays are taken, our hygienist will scale (or clean) and polish your teeth. After your teeth are scaled and polished and before the clinical exam begins, we like to review any particular concerns with our patients. We then go on “a tour of the mouth” with the patient to review photographs to ensure a transparent examination process, where the patient is encouraged to participate in the process so we can help answer any questions they may have, and educate them on oral health.

Our clinical exam begins with thorough examination of your mouth by the dentist, looking for signs of tooth decay, gum disease or other problems.

Our examination continues with assessments for TMJ and Sleep Apnea followed by an Oral cancer screening.

Our San Francisco Dental Practice stresses preventive dentistry to our patients, which can help eliminate the need for restorative dentistry. We believe that there a number of keystones of preventive dentistry:

  • Vigilant Home Care
  • Cleanings and Dental Exams
  • Education and Attention
  • Commitment to Good Dental Health

We discuss these keystones with our patients and discuss how the patient can improve his or her oral health.

Based upon the photographs and review of diagnostic imaging and your clinical examination, we provide patients with an update on the status of their oral health and if necessary, make recommendations for future treatment. We will develop a treatment plan or “road map” for the patient, prioritizing any necessary dental treatments with the ultimate goal of improving the patient’s overall dental health.

We encourage our patients to feel free to ask questions or bring up concerns. More than anything, we want you to leave our office with a feeling of trust and confidence, knowing that we have taken good care of your dental needs.

To learn more about the Dental Treatments and Services we provide or to schedule an appointment, please contact your San Francisco Dentist Dr. Rodriguez Today at (415) 397-2804.