Private Cosmetic Dentistry

San Francisco Dr. Rodriguez Private Cosmetic Dentistry

Financial District Dentist
Dr. Christopher Rodriguez

Your dental and medical history are your business, and your business alone. Financial District Dentist Dr. Rodriguez is committed to keeping it that way with his private dental options. Whether you are a high profile individual or you just prefer a private dental experience, our office is happy to make the accommodations and work with you to ensure your cosmetic dentistry is done in confidence.

Our San Francisco Dental Practice is equipped and experienced at providing patients with privacy and discretion, along with outstanding personal service.
Dr. Rodriguez values and understands the importance of his patients’ comfort and medical discretion. This is the crux of the private dental options. If you like, your appointment can be scheduled so that you are the only patient in the entire office during all of your appointments. Your smile is for the world to see — how you attain that smile is a private matter between you and Dr. Rodriguez. Please contact our San Francisco Financial District office today to make arrangements for your private dental appointment.

To learn more about the Dental Treatments and Services we provide or to schedule an appointment, please contact your San Francisco Dentist Dr. Rodriguez Today at (415) 397-2804.